About Us

Arnold and I started selling candy/licorice four years ago and we are so pleased that we did. We love meeting people from all walks of life and watching them enjoy the delicious and diverse flavours, especially for the first time.

Adults are really just ‘big kids’ when they are sampling the candy and we enjoy giving them samples of the flavours.

In September 2020 we decided to set up a Candy Shop in Riverside Market in Christchurch CBD. So, in October 2020 we opened the Shop and it hasn’t looked back since.

Alongside the candy/licorice we sell old fashioned lollies, such as: Raspberry Drops, Black Balls, Aniseed Wheels and Milk Bottles made with ‘real milk’ just to mention a few lines. We also are hoping to bring in some UK lines as soon as they are available due to many customer requests.

We are so fortunate to have our family on board with us and you will often see our daughter-in-law, Kyra, working in the shop. She is great at setting displays up in the Showcase for Christmas and Easter.